Guardian Information

As a parent, guardian or care giver, we know you have lots of questions about the Camp Tamarack experience. We have provided detailed information in this area, just for you! With answers to the frequent questions and some of the more detailed ones as well. We want you to be confident and comfortable with your choice of camp. If you have any further questions, or require more information please reach out to us. We are happy to talk to you and even better meet with you. If your camper is unsure of what to expect of camp, or is anxious about where they will be sleeping, eating and more, we are able to arrange a tour, or you can join us on our Family Camp Day in June.

Drop off
Drop off day and time are detailed in the package you received via email, you will receive email notifications in the week prior to camp.  Please arrive within your designated time slot to ensure a smooth check in process for everyone.

Upon arrival at camp for drop-off, head towards the basketball court to begin check-in.  You will follow the steps below to ensure all information is confirmed and current.

  1. At CHECK-IN information will be double checked, and you will be directed to the First Aid Room.  Money for Tuck and mail will be left here.
  2. At the FIRST AID ROOM you will turn in ALL medications, and a lice check will be performed.  Any camper with signs of lice will be sent home, to undergo appropriate treatment.
  3. You will be directed to your assigned CABIN, where your camper’s counsellours will greet you.  Please take the time to ensure your child is settled and all of their belongings are labeled and any pertinent information regarding your camper is passed on to the staff.
  4. Once settled, your camper(s) is welcome to join their group outside the cabins.  Take the time to say good-bye.


Pick Up

Pick up is on the last day of your selected camp week.   All bags will be packed and ready ahead of time.

The pick up process is similar to the drop-off.

  1. At the check-out table, be ready to show identification to confirm that you are picking up and sign out your camper.  Any remaining tuck money will be given to you and any information regarding your camper will be passed on at this time.
  2. At the FIRST AID ROOM any remaining medications will returned to you.  If you camper visited the medic over the week that will also be shared with you.
  3. Then, head to the cabin where you dropped them off.  Please take the time to double check your camper’s bag, we do our best to ensure all lost and found is returned, and the correct belongings are in each camper bags.  Sometimes there are mix ups, please check!
  4. Stop by the lost and found.  Any lost and found still at camp, 2 weeks after the camp will be donated to a local charity.  If it is labeled we will contact you to arrange pick up of your items.
  5. Head home, your camper is tired!


Illness and Lice

All campers will be checked for lice upon arrival to camp.  Should your camper have lice, we ask that you take them home and treat them.  Your camper is welcome to return to camp, once treated and all of their belongings have been washed and dried at high temperatures, to prevent transmission between campers.  Your camper will have another lice check upon return to camp.

Should your camper have been ill, experienced high fever, diarrhea or vomiting, within 48 hours of camp starting please contact us.  A camper will not have fun if they are ill at camp, please keep them home until they have had no symptoms for 24 hours.

If your camper is ill, experiences high fever, diarrhea or vomiting, while at camp, they will be isolated and you will be contacted to come pick them up and take them home.  They are welcome to return to camp once their symptoms have cleared for 24 hours.


Electronics at Camp

Campers are NOT permitted to use cell phones and gaming/video devices while at camp, please leave these at home.  Campers are welcome to bring music only playing devices for quiet time.  Should our staff come across an electronic device that is not allowed at camp, they will ask the camper to turn it in for safe keeping in our office and it will be returned to the parent at pick-up on Friday.  You will also receive a phone call, to let you know that their device is in the office.   **Please be aware that Camp Tamarack does not accept responsibility for any items that are damaged, lost or stolen.


Communication with your camper while they are at camp

Communication with your camper can ease the stress of being away from home, we at Camp Tamarack recommend writing your camper letters or postcards, over phone calls.


  1. Mail: Pre-write your letters and leave them with us in a large labeled envelope at drop-off. We have a daily mail delivery where campers who received mail will have it delivered directly to them.  It is also recommended that you encourage your camper to write home.  You can do so by providing them with pre-stamped post cards and/or envelopes, and we will ensure there is a daily drop off at the mail box.  This is a good way for you, as a parent, to learn about your camper’s time here at Camp Tamarack.
  2. Phone Calls:  Campers asking to call home will be discouraged from doing so.  Camp Tamarack Staff are trained to assist a camper struggling with homesickness, bullying and other social situations that campers may not be familiar with.  Please do not tell your camper they can call you whenever they need to, this only makes it more difficult for us to assist your camper in a positive manner.   You as a parent are more than welcome to contact our office and ask how your child is doing, what activities they are participating in or any other questions or concerns you may have.  Be aware that we do not answer the phone 24 hours a day, leave us a message and we will get back to you!  We usually return parent/guardian phone calls around 8:30/9:00 pm.
  3. Email:  You can email your camper!!  Send it to us at with the campers name in the subject line.  We will print and deliver it to them with the rest of the mail, after lunch.



Camp Tamarack does not provide transportation to or from camp. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to drop your child off and pick your child up from camp at the designated time. Camp Tamarack is located about 6-7kms south of GP on Hwy 40.


Once camp has begun, any programming travel (swimming, etc) is provided by the camp. Campers are bused to and from all activities on Camp Tamarack vehicles that have been inspected and certified by a qualified mechanic at the beginning of each camping season. Bus drivers are camp staff members or volunteers that have obtained class 2 or 4 license, have a clear drivers abstract and are insured by the camp.

Tuck Shop:

Tuck is a small camp store where campers can purchase treats and Camp Tamarack merchandise. Tuck will be available open during drop off and pick up times, as well as during our Thursday night dance. Camp merchandise costs vary $1.00 – $20.00.  Items will include bracelets, water bottles, hats, notebooks and more. Candy and chips will only be offered for purchase at our Dance on Thursday evening.  Money for Tuck should be left at Check-In and will be kept in an envelope specifically tracking what your camper purchased, and returned to you at Check-Out.  Please be advised that it is CASH ONLY for Tuck purchases.

Camp Tamarack staffs a Medical Attendant on site 24 hours/day who will administer all medications under the direction of the campers’ physician, and parent/guardian. ALL medications need to come in the original package or bubble packed, with the prescription on the bottle.  We will not accept medications in plastic baggies or containers that are unlabeled.  The Medic will not be qualified to prescribe medication, or administer any medications without the consent of the parent/guardian (this includes non-prescription medications such as Tylenol). As well, the Medic will not be qualified to administer injections. If your camper requires injections (such as insulin) please speak with the Camp Director to make necessary arrangements.


Disabilities and Special Needs:
Camp Tamarack is committed to being a barrier free camp. Approximately 15-20% of our campers have special needs and these special needs may include dietary or allergies, as well as physical or developmental delays. The facilities at Camp Tamarack and alternate sites are fully wheelchair accessible.


Behavior Management
Camp Tamarack is committed to providing a safe and open environment. Our #1 camp policy is RESPECT: it is the responsibility of all to make sure camp is a safe community for everyone. Below are some disruptive behaviors that will not be tolerated at camp and may result in a camper being asked to return home:

  • Any act which may create a potentially dangerous situation for themselves or others
  • Stealing and vandalism
  • Physical violence or verbal abuse
  • Leaving camp property without permission
  • Racial or religious intolerance
  • Sexual activity or misconduct
  • Consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Behaviors which negatively affect another campers experience at camp.

If a camper exhibits any of these behaviors at camp the Staff and Camp Director will take appropriate action. Consequences will be appropriate and may include being asked to return home. Parents or guardians will be contacted regarding serious behaviors. No refund will be issued if a camper is sent home for inappropriate behavior, as listed above. Please ensure your campers are aware of these guidelines and understand the expectations and consequences.


Guardians please take the time to prepare your camper and yourself by addressing the potential of homesickness. Always, assure your camper that feelings of homesickness are normal and that everyone experiences them to some degree.  Let them know that they can write you a letter for when they return home.  We ask that you NEVER promise phone calls home or that you will pick them up “if” they feel homesick. Making these promises merely increases the likelihood and severity of homesickness. It is best to reassure your camper that you love them and are very proud of them, etc.

Our camp staff is trained to deal with homesickness appropriately.  In the event that your child is homesick, and our trusted tactics fail to refocus them, the Head Counsellour or Camp Director will call home for additional tips on assisting your child, to ensure they have a positive experience at camp.   Only after consulting with you will we consider alternative arrangements.