The Tamarck 500 CLUB

Camp Tamarack is embarking on a robust fundraising campaign that will guarantee the continued operation and safety of our facility and secure a sustainable financial foundation for ongoing camp operations. Camp Tamarack is an integral part of the social fabric of Northwestern Alberta and fills an important need for all youth in the region.

We are seeking an initial

5-YEAR commitment from

200 individuals or businesses,

each pledging $500 per year to Camp Tamarack.


Your support of this initiative will:

• Enhance our 8 week summer camp program.
• Support the school outdoor education curriculum requirements for Grades 5 to 12.
• Provide a wilderness environment for youth clubs and groups to use and enjoy throughout the remainder of the year

All contributions will be acknowledged with a tax receipt.

Contact us to be part of the CLUB!

Please email

Your $500 donation can make a big difference

Provide 2 days of summer camp transportation

Cover 4 months of janitorial supplies

Support 7 days of insurance

Help with 7 days of utility costs

Cover 12 days of office expenses

Contribute to 18 days of repair and maintenance

Your generosity makes camp possible! Thank you

Gold contributors

+$1,500 a year



Silver contributors

$1,000 a year

Mason White

New Horizon Co-operative Limited

Bronze contributors

$500 a year


Pro West Refrigeration

Northern Doors

Gordon & Margaret Taylor