Outdoor Programming

Activity Description Recommended Session Length Recommended max Participants
Archery – This is an opportunity for students to try and practice a new skill. Our Facilitators will show your group how to safely shoot an arrow and help them improve their skills 1 hour 16
Low Ropes – Our low ropes challenge course offers a chance for participants to stretch their mental muscle while using their physical strength as well. Only inches off the ground these challenges will force students to work on communication skills, problem solving, trust and team work. 1 hour 16
*Low Elements – Participants will need to work together while completing these challenges. These stationary team-building activities offer a challenge to all, from Grade 3 to Retirement! Our Course includes the Zig Zag, Nitro Swing, Initiative Wall, Bermuda Triangle, Whale Watch, Spider Web, Hex Hole and More! 1 hour 16
*Orienteering – This is an opportunity for all paritcipants to learn a new and valued skill. We have two levels of orienteering; the first level focuses on learning how to use maps and exploring with them, while the second level focuses on learning how to read a compass and follow bearings. 1 hour 20
*Team Building – These activities help a group break the ice and develop communication, problem- solving, teamwork, respect and trust. There are hundreds of potential challenges and these can be played anywhere at camp! 1 hour 20
Nature/Earth Walk–  A special environmental program designed for participants to experience the richness and wonders of the natural world using their senses. 1 hour 20
*Wilderness Survival – Living in Northern Alberta gives us the opportunity to spend many hours outdoors. Developing skills to keep yourself safe in this environment can save a life. Choose from fire safety and building or shelter creation to begin the development of these critical outdoor skills. 2 hours 20
*Hike/Snowshoeing – A wonderful way to enjoy our backyard. We will venture off the back of our property to explore and enjoy what nature has to offer. Small activities to help participants/students understand the beauty of nature will be enjoyed by all. (Weather Dependent) 1 – 2 hours 20
*All Camp Experience – High energy fun played indoors or outdoors depending on game and weather. ACE (short for All Camp Experience, involving everybody) are loud, rowdy, and exciting! Choose from Camp-sized version of PIT, or the classics of Capture the Flag, Animal Game, or Hydro Pyro. 1 hours 20+

High Elements

Activity Description Recommended Session Length Recommended Maximum Participants
Climbing Tower – Our three-sided tower will offer the opportunity for climbers to test their skills and push their limits, with the support of the entire group on the ground working the team belay. It is recommended that this session be booked as a two-hour block, for 12 – 16 participants/ facilitator 2 hours 16
*Giant Swing – A Challenge-By- Choice element where each student sets their own personal goal, supported by their fellow students through the thrill of a 50-foot swing. The Giant Swing allows students to push their limits and strengthen their relationships with each other by building trust and support. It is booked as a two-hour block for 16 participants. 2 hours 16
New programs Belay School and Rappeling

Activities denoted with an * are available for winter programming

Snowshoes provided by Swan City Rotary Club