2024 Summer Staff

At Camp Tamarack, we believe that being able to provide an inclusive summer camp experience, starts with being an inclusive employer. What does this mean? Our hired staff are trained members, not only local to Grande Prairie, but also from communities throughout the world. Our diverse team is made up of incredible people of different ethnicities, individuals with disabilities, as well as members of 2SLGBTQ+. Providing an inclusive workplace has many benefits, including ensuring that each and every camper will have a leader that they feel they can connect with. As we continue to grow at Camp Tamarack, our core values remain the same, and we will continue to aim on providing an inclusive and barrier free outdoor camping experience through accessible, fun-filled and innovative programs, for people of all ages and abilities.

Director - Fivah

Summers at Tamarack – 3rd

Home – Grande Prairie, Alberta

Favourite Colour – Blue/Green

Looking forward to spending my summers at Camp!

Assistant Director - Zuku


Summers at Tamarack – 4

Home – Puebla, Mexico

Favourite Colour – Green

Looking forward to enhancing the activities at camp, primarily the climbing tower.

Out Trip Lead- Aurora

Hey everyone! I’m Aurora and this year will be my 9th year at camp and 3rd as a full time staff. This summer I’ll be the out trip lead as well as a program leader.

Originally from Grande Prairie, I’m currently living in Edmonton and will be entering my third year of my combined degree in education and science in the fall. I love being around people, playing fastball, and reading.

I am looking forward to spending another summer outside, with campers and staff, and getting the opportunity to pass along my knowledge of sports, science, education, art, and of course, camp to everybody I meet this summer!

Creative Arts and Science Coordinator- Athena

Hi I’m Athena, I’m the Creative Arts and Science Coordinator.

This is my first year working at Camp Tamarack but I spent many years as a camper!

My favourite activities include reading and hiking. I am so excited to meet everyone this summer and make long lasting memories!

Coordinator- Sourdough

My name is Sourdough (after the San Francisco 49ers mascot Sourdough Sam), and my position is the Adventure and Wilderness Program Coordinator.
This will be my first season not only at Camp Tamarack but camp all together, although I have lots of experience working with children with special educational needs and disabilities, lots of it in a leadership role.
My favourite thing to do is probably either watching or playing lots of different sports. My favourites to watch being Formula One, American Football, Cricket, and Soccer; my favourite to play being Table Tennis or Soccer.
I am most excited to get out and explore the beautiful Albertan wilderness.

Program Leader- Ignis

Hey everyone, I’m Ignis and I’m from Scotland.

This will be my first time at a real summer camp and I’ll be working as a program leader.

My favourite activities include hiking, cooking and playing board games. I’m super excited to have an adventure this summer and do as many different things as possible along the way 🙂

Program Leader- Inertia

Whats up, My name is Inertia.

I’m going to be a first year program leader at Camp.

My favourite activities are camp wide physical games like soccer or capture the flag as well as brain games like puzzles or trivia.

I am most excited for the opportunity to make new memories and develop my social skills as a person and as a teacher.

Program Leader- Atlas

Hi! My camp name is Atlas and I have the position of Program Leader at Camp Tamarack.

I have the privilege of being at camp during the Spring, Summer and Autumn this year.

My favourite activity is high ropes or climbing and I am very much looking forward to making new friends and having a fun experience!

Program leader- Volkano

Heyo I’m Volkano and this is my first opportunity I have had to be a program leader at Camp Tamarack!

This isn’t my first rodeo with camping, as I’ve been doing scouts for years – even getting to go to New Zealand through it! Loving the outdoors since I was born, I could talk for hours about all the fun I have with bike riding, photography, and my massive love for music, but I’ll spare you the details.

Although born in New Zealand, I’m coming from Australia where I’ve spent most of my life, so I’ll make sure to bring plenty of fun from down under!

Super excited to meet and get to know all of you at camp!

Program Leader- E

Camp name is E

Position is program leader

Favourite activity is everything

Most excited for this season to work on my skills with better communication and confidence in public speaking!

Program leader- Baldy

Camp Leader- Pluto

Hello everyone, my name is Pluto and I’ll be working as a Camp Leader, is my first time working at Camp Tamarack.

My favorite activities are playing basketball, mixing music on GarageBand, and exercising like calisthenics.

 I’m excited to work in Camp Tamarack for first time and meet everyone.

Camp Leader- Teff

Hi everyone! My name is Teff, I’m from Mexico and this will be my first time at Tamarack as a Camp Counselor.
My favorite activities are singing and making music. Also I love to read, travel and anything else that extends my perspective of this world.
I’m looking forward to meet everyone and have a cool summer making new friends and collecting beautiful memories!

Camp Leader- Gravel

Hi everyone! My name is Gravel, I’m from a farm in rural Australia and I’ll be working as a camp leader at Camp Tamarack for the first time.
I could never name all of my favourite activities but a few are anything creative, cooking, music and camping.
I am super excited to work at Camp Tamarack and meet heaps of new people and make some new memories :))

Camp leader -Melon

Hey folks! I’m Melon and I’ll be a first-time Camp Leader at Camp Tamarack this year!

From my years of scouts, I’m most fond of any activities surrounding bonfires, from fire-building to camp fire stories to stargazing.

I’m really looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone, and building a memorable summer!

Camp Leader- Bumblebee

I am Bumblebee. Originally from Congo, I spent my childhood in South Africa before moving to Canada three years ago. I’m thrilled to be exploring Alberta for the first time and am eager to be working with everyone to make this summer truly amazing.

First time as Team Leader at CT.

Favorite Activity: Nature hikes and outdoor scavenger hunts

I am most excited to connect with the campers, lead them in fun activities, and create unforgettable memories together.

Sahara- Camp Leader

Camp Name: Sahara
Position: Camp Leader
Number of season at CT: 1st season
Favourite activity: trekking to catch the sunrise
I am most excited to create long-lasting memories with my fellow campers.

Cabin Leader- Patchy

Hey guys my name is Patchy. I’m so excited to be one of the first time Cabin Leaders this summer! I started attending summer camps at 7 years old, and attended yearly up until the Covid lockdowns. Camp Tamarack was my absolute favorite of all Summer camps!

I enjoy snowboarding in the winter, and camping and kayaking in the warmer months! This summer, I’m most looking forward to meeting new people, creating life long friendships and memories with my fellow staff and campers! I can’t wait to see you at camp:)