How to Book

We are now taking bookings between May 12 and June 13 2023.

We are taking bookings for next Fall and Winter (2023/2024)!

Step 1 – Contact Us

Fill out the form below.   Our Administrative Assistant Tamara (Tigger), will be in touch with you right away to start planning your visit. If you do not hear back from us in 48 hours please email us at

Step 2 – The Deposit

Deposit amounts required vary depending on booking type:

All-Inclusive/Overnight Bookings: $500 – $1000
Day Use Bookings: $250 – $500

Generally, deposits are due within 30 days of booking.

Deposits are not required for school group bookings in September or October.

Step 3 – Planning

Now the fun begins!  After we book you in, you will work directly with our leadership team to coordinate and manage your visit.  We are available year-round, full-time, and are always available to answer your questions and work on the details of your stay.  We will send you an Outdoor Experience Worksheet to fill out that gives us general information about your group, goals, logistics, and preferred programs.  We will then take that information and create a schedule for your visit for you to review and approve.

Step 4 – 14 days prior to arrival

Ensure that you have sent all request for dietary accommodations and any physical, mental health, cognitive or neurodivergent attendees to assist with program planning.

Step 5 – 7 days prior to arrival

Send us any changes to # of participants and chaperones and we will update your final invoice.

Step 6 – Arrival & Final Payment

Once all the planning is done, there is nothing to do but come out and have a great time.  When you arrive, you will meet all the staff working with your group. Your final payment is due 21 days after you receive the invoice.

Rebooking for Next Year

It is important to us that all our clients have the opportunity to make their visit to Camp Tamarack an annual tradition.  After your visit, we offer a 30 Day Renewal Window to rebook for next year.  We automatically rebook you for the same dates and package and hold that booking renewal for you 30 days after your visit.  During this 30 Day Renewal Window, all you need to do is contact the office and either confirm that yes, you would like to renew for the same dates next year.  Or, you can let us know if you need new dates, and we will work on getting those set for you.  You can rebook after the 30 Day Renewal Window, but your previous dates would be opened up to the general public.

Booking In Advance

We can take bookings anytime, up to 2 years in advance.  We will honour the 30 Day Renewal Window for all current clients when considering new bookings.  New clients are welcome to contact the office to inquire about dates.

Outdoor Experience Booking Form