You are now able to make a cash donation through our website.  Last year we celebrated our 40th year serving the greater Grande Prairie area, and we are continuing to raise funds to support families who are unable to financially send their child to camp.


Make a Donation

Send Us a Gift

Would you prefer to send us something we are in need of?

Your donation will be used in many ways, everything from supporting families who are unable to financially send a person to camp, replace climbing gear, repair and heat the buildings and even buy toilet paper.

Here are some of our key areas the camp needs your donation for:

  • Art & Craft Supplies
  • Replacing Mattresses
  • Utilities and phone
  • Adventure Course training & maintenance
  • Insurance, legal & CPA annual review
  • Food for Snacks and Meals
  • Cabin & Site Maintenance
  • Summer Camp Staff Wages
  • Repair and replace archery and other sport equipment
  • Lumber and supplies for repairs and new structures

You can also head to our Amazon Wishlist, full of items we use and are in need of to make camp happen.

Thank you for your support!