Each program is tailored to have an emphasis on a specific interest. We aim to stay within our base of knowledge while working with the community at large to offer additional programming to continue to grow and offer dynamic program options. We hope that each child that attends can find a program that is suitable for them to discover their potential and be the best person they can be. Through planned programs with experienced leaders we offer many choices for your camper to try something knew or improve upon their pre-existing skills.


Please note, unless otherwise stated, all camp programs are overnight.  We have staff members available in each cabin overnight and additional staff available 24 hours day, if additional support is required.


This is Me: Girl's Retreat

Age: 8 - 14


October 18 - 20, 2019


Using creative and innovative programming in a camp setting, our goal is to allow participants to feel welcome and learn something new about themselves.  Our trained staff will work in small group settings to ensure each campers connects with someone and has the opportunity to find their voice in our community.