Campership FAQs

Is my family/camper eligible to receive funding from Camp Tamarack?

Families whose financial circumstances make them unable, not unwilling, to pay the full fee, may apply to receive funding.

Does your child want to go to camp?

If your child is not ready or willing to go away to camp, they may be miserable and in turn effect the experiences of other campers.  It is difficult to assist a camper experiencing homesickness who never wanted to attend camp in the first place.

Are you sure that Camp Tamarack is the best choice for your child this summer?

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience sleep away camp.  If your child will be attending another camp this summer, we will be unable to provide assistance.

Have you explored alternative sources of funding?

Other organizations offer financial aid to support families participating in summer programs. 

If I receive assistance through the Campership Program, what is expected of me?

Receiving assistance requires a commitment of sending a letter of support after camp.  Camp Tamarack receives donations that allow us to offer this program, with that letters from families who have received funding assist us continuing to offer this program. 

If I have received assistance in the past from Camp Tamarack, can I apply again?

Yes.  However we ask that you continue to contribute more towards the camp fee every year.  Also, please note that preference will be given to first time campers.